Stock for sale

From time to time we have stock and weaners for sale.  Please call 0831482798 if you have any requests an we will try and facilitate them. If we cannot help you with sourcing Pedigree Pigs we will put you in touch with other members of the Irish Pig Society.

As we are the one of the only Large Black Breeders in Ireland (4 Bloodlines, Blackie, Diana, Doreen & Warbler – all very rare lines) We often have a waiting list for weaners for both fattening and breeding, so if you  would like to try some Large Blacks, please contact us well in advance to avoid disappointment. All litters are Birth Notified with the British Pig Association but we only select animals that conform to breed standards to register with the BPA for breeding; it is important to realise that not every piglet born will have the desired qualities from which to breed, so there may be some wait for the good ones – we only breed from the best.

We have the following: 

Duroc/Large Black

Pedigree Duroc

Pedigree Large Black


We are expecting the following: 

Pedigree Large Black (due Feb)

Pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black (due Feb)