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The Rynne family are breeders of rare-breed traditional pigs. The farm raises breeds such as pedigree Large black, pedigree Middle White, pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black with Duroc and Hampshire crosses.

Gerard and Deirdre have a close working relationship with their stock and allow their animals to mature naturally and slowly. The family are committed to preserving rare breeds and the highest standards of animal husbandry.

Inagh free range pork comes from animals born, raised and allowed to mature at a natural pace on grass without hurrying the process. The pork retains all the old fashioned virtues of succulence, tenderness and full flavour, is sumptuous and delicious, and makes proper crackling. There is a little more fat than commercial pork – but thats where the tenderness and succulence comes from. The pork from each breed has its own characteristic taste and texture.

Pork from rare and traditional breeds is something very special. Inagh free range farm produces pork with a superior taste, a taste that can’t be found in supermarkets and will have you coming back for more; once tasted never forgotten.

One of our Large Black Sows
One of our Large Black Sows

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