Differentiation (outdoor reared v free range etc)

Outdoor Bred, Outdoor Reared or Outdoor Finished are all misleading names used to give the perception that the pork is free range.  Outdoor Bred means that the pigs are born outside, but these piglets are then likely to be moved indoors to be reared intensively.  Outdoor Reared or Finished means the pigs are confined in huts or tents outside with no access to fields to display their natual instincts.  In today’s society, labelling can be very confusing.  If you want Irish free range pork, then do some research into where the pigs are produced and ensure that they really are Free Range.

Inagh Free Range Pork is produced from pigs that really are free range and have the most superior standard of living available.

The pigs have free access to pen space where they can display their natural instincts rather than being confined in concrete pens or on the slatted floors commonly seen in many intensive systems.   The difference in welfare to the animals, is enormous and allows them to lead much happier, more natural and less stressful lives.  The difference in quality is also considerable as a longer, more natural living pig produces pork with better succulence and more flavour. 


Castration is a painful and unnecessary procedure, we do not castrate any of our boys!!

Tail Docking

Tail docking is a procedure used by intensive pig farming systems to reduce the incidence of tail biting, where piglets chew each others tails causing painful sores.  Tail biting is common in intensive systems due to boredom and does not occur in our unique free range system.  Therefore we do not practice tail docking on any of our piglets.


We do not ring any of our pigs, we want them to root the ground and be as happy as they can be.  Happy pigs give delicious pork.

Are we organic?

Strictly speaking, No.  We’re too small scale to pay Organic Certification fees, but we think you’ll agree that our truly free range products is about as good as it gets.  Pigs have a natural rooting instinct that can only be achieved through free range living conditions.  Home-fed or farm-reared usually still means that they are kept indoors in a pen or a sty and on a concrete floor – much better than large scale commercial production of pigs, but still nowhere near as good as free range.

Our Pigs

Our happy pigs are reared outdoors with a constant supply of fresh water.  They can root around in the earth, wallow in the mud and on sunnier days they can either lay out in the sun or shelter in their hut. 

We do not use steroids, growth hormones or anti-biotics (unless required for veterinary reasons).  The breeds that we have are rare breed pigs and are naturally slower to fatten up, this all helps improve the taste of the meat, which is fine by us!

Where are we?

We are located in the beautiful countryside of Co Clare, between Inagh Village and Ennistymon town on the L10941.