Our Breeds

We are registered with the British Pig Association as rare breeders, specialising in Large Black and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs which are both ‘Heritage’ breeds. We are also members of the Irish Pig Society.

We keep a Large Black boar who came 2nd at the Tullamore Show.

We keep several Large Black ladies.  This is our Blackie Line sow.  The Blackie line of large blacks is a very rare line with only 2 sows remaining on the BPA herdbook.  Some of the piglets she has had have won at the National Irish Pig Show.

One of our Large Black Sows
Our Blackie line Large Black Sows

We also keep ladies from the Diana, Doreen and Warbler lines of Large Blacks.  All except Doreen are very rare lines of the breed.

With its lop ears and long, deep body, the Large Black is Britain’s only all-black pig. Extremely docile, and very hardy, it is ideally suited to simple outdoor systems. These characteristics, coupled with its black skin, make the Large Black ideal for a wide range of climatic conditions. In fact, by 1935, pigs of this breed had been exported to well over 30 countries.  Large Black sows are renowned as excellent mothers with exceptional milking ability. They are able to rear sizeable litters off simple rations and a placid temperament ensures they can be contained behind a single strand of electric fencing.  Current demand for meat produced from traditional breeds of pigs raised extensively is now promoting a growth in the number of breeders keeping Large Blacks as this particular breed is much appreciated for its succulent taste and eating quality.


PB Large black, PB Middle White and a Duroc/Large white cross at a recent show in Claregalway showcasing pigs for the Irish Pig Society.

We have a rare breed “Clare” line sow of the Oxford Sandy and Black Breed.  The Oxford Sandy & Black Pig sometimes referred to as the “Plum Pudding or Oxford Forest Pig”.  The breed has many good qualities, particularly it’s excellent temperament and mothering abilities. Prolific and hardy it is particularly suited to outdoor systems, being good foragers and as they are a coloured pig with a good coat they are far less prone to sunburn.  A medium to large pig with good length and a deep body, good quarters and fine shoulders, strong legs and feet and well set on, giving a free and active gait.  A moderately strong head, straight or slightly dished with lop or semi lop ears.  Producer’s of fine quality white skinned pork and bacon with superb flavour.